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Public Relations Tools

    1. Publications – Actual copy is required. Soft copies, print-outs or photocopies are not valid entries.

    1. Internal Newsletters, Magazines, Posters, Pamphlets
    2. External Annual Reports, Sustainability Reports, Brochures, Trade Magazines, Calendars, Posters
    3. Coffee Table Books: Institutional, Historical, Biographical, Corporate, and Marketing
    4. CSR Publications
    5. Handbook/ Manuals
    2. Multimedia/Digital – Soft copy or paperless format is required. Online links to the entries must also be provided.

    1. Audio-Visual Presentation
    2. E-Publications (e-Books, e-Newsletters)
    3. Online Video/ Online News/ Podcasts
    4. Social Media Tools e. Websites, Blogs (Intranet, Internet)
    5. Mobile Tools/ Mobile Applications g. Other, please specify:
    3. Exhibits and Special Events

    1. Launches
    2. Milestones
    3. Conferences/Conventions
    4. Competitions/ Awards
    5. Exhibits and On-site Communication

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