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These awards honor the most distinguished team and individuals who have demonstrated the success of public relations in developing mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and the public, on whom its success or failure depends, during the 12 months from October 2015 to September 2016.

Nominees could be successful public relations practitioners in the corporate sector or in consultancy; in a senior public sector appointment; or in a “not-for-profit” organization; or in a voluntary capacity. The achievements should be in the successful discharge of his/her PR responsibilities as well as in mentoring and sharing.

The recipient/s must have clearly used the four components of the public relations planning process: research, planning, execution and evaluation. In a given year, the recipient must have demonstrated outstanding leadership/management skills, innovation and creativity in a project or program that was challenging and/or difficult in nature – in a manner that represents the values of public relations: integrity, passion and excellence.


Jose A. Carpio is the founder of the Public Relations Society of the Philippines. He saw PR as more than just publicity. He introduced the management function of Public Relations — a planned program of policies and behavior designed to build public confidence in and understanding of an individual or an organization.

In honor of the father of Philippine PR, Gawad Jose Carpio will be bestowed on public relations programs which have set the standards for public relations practice in specific disciplines. The program must have demonstrated outstanding leadership/management skills, innovation and creativity in achieving the communication objectives for a field-specific project or program.

  • Excellence in Public Relations for Social Good
  • Excellence in Government Relations
  • Excellence in Reputation and Brand Building Management

A distinguished economist who was Secretary General of the National Economic Development Authority, Dr. Cayetano Paderanga Jr. was chair of the Board of Jurors for the 45th, 47th and 50th Anvil Awards. He introduced a major innovation in awards judging and winner selection – the use of standard deviation to level off the scores of multi-sector jurors, thus making the entire judging process equitable. Dr. Paderanga pushed for this formula to help address the typical problem of jurors giving generous scores on one hand and those who give low scores. Since then, PR practitioners and jurors have called this formula as the “Paderanga Formula.”

  • Excellence in Use of Research in Planning Management and Evaluation

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